Scale Calibration

In order to ensure that your scales are producing accurate and consistent numbers, regular scale calibration carried out by licensed technicians is essential. Our expert technicians understand that your scale is your cash register, and that heavy weighing equipment that is not calibrated correctly can cost your company thousands of dollars. Not only can regularly servicing your equipment save you money in your day to day operations, but this can also help to ultimately prolong the lifespan of your scales. Invest in accuracy and save money in the long run, so you can have peace of mind with every business transaction.

Your Scale is Your Calculator.

In addition to our extensive line of equipment available for sale, S+J Carolina Scale employs state certified field technicians to complete onsite calibration and repair of your existing scales and weighing equipment. We can provide the periodic site visits required to ensure that your equipment is working properly, and with over 40 years of experience in the weighing industry, you can rest assured that your equipment is in skilled hands. Call our office to speak with our team now and learn more about how your operation can benefit from this essential service.

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