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48 years of history and commitment to bringing the technology of today’s weighing and measurement equipment to our clients sets us apart


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Supporting a
Sustainable economy

We recognize the importance of sustainability in the industrial weighing industry and the economy as a whole. By both reducing waste and byproducts, as well as conserving energy, the implementation of a fast and accurate weighing solution can result in not only improvement to ROI, but significant sustainability benefits as well. Effective industrial weighing resources also provide a valuable insight into the quantities and nature of product that is being processed, which can contribute further to accountability in sustainable business practices. Environmental sustainability is one of the greatest drivers of the industry today, and we are committed to bringing our expertise to the table in order to increase our sustainability in every way possible, which in turn contributes to the sustainability of the many industries we serve.


in the Scale Industry

The founder, Mr. Whitaker, operated SJ Scale with his son Tony, growing the business to service both the entirety of North and South Carolina until 2015 when we bought the business, changed the name to S+J Carolina Scale, and continued the growth enjoyed under the Whitakers.


Supporting an Accurate
Sustainable Economy

We service a variety of industries enabling them to remain accurate in their weighing and measuring, assisting in problem solving ranging from innovative solutions in weighing and automation to reporting and data collection solutions that improve processes and streamline operations.


Focus on
Safety Measures

S+J Scale Carolina Scale is headquartered in Statesville, NC. Centrally located, we are able to quickly and efficiently respond to our clients’ needs. Our 40 years of history and commitment to bringing the technology of today’s weighing and measurement equipment to our clients sets us apart.

Quality Commitment

Certified for
Your Needs

ISO 17025 accredited in dimensional, torque, pressure and thermo-dynamic enabling us to provide not only scale sales and service, but also plant wide calibration service to all of our customers in the manufacturing, auto, aviation and agricultural industries throughout the Carolinas.

Pro Technicians

S+J Carolina Scale technicians are experts in their respective fields. Training under the past owners built a solid foundation enhanced by factory training at a variety of suppliers, continuing education in electrical and machining disciplines, and collective partnerships with our automation and engineering sister companies has produced a team of technicians with over 40+ years of combined experience..


Our S+J Team

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