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With services ranging from installation, scale calibrations, comprehensive metrology services, and scale repairs, our local scale experts are ready to increase your equipment's productivity and boost your long-term savings.

An inaccurate scale can not only be in violation of certain legal regulations, but it can also be costing you money! Compounded by day-to-day use, a variance of even a few pounds can spell thousands of dollars of loss for your company! Avoid these pitfalls and lengthen the life of your equipment by investing in regular maintenance and calibration to save money in the long run. Learn more about our services here, and if you have a need that isn't covered in our listed services, give us a call to see how we can meet your unique needs!

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Mid America Truck Scale

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Rice Lake Truck Scale

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BTek Truck Scale

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Cambridge Model 770 Series Light Vehicle Scale

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Service at the Highest Standards


Scale Calibration

In order to ensure that your scales are producing accurate and consistent numbers, regular scale calibration carried out...

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Scale Rentals

Rental scales can fill a critical need for many manufacturers. In some cases, a temporary replacement is needed for dama...

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Services and Repairs

At S+J Carolina Scale, we understand how critically important your weighing equipment is to the efficiency and safety of...

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Tools Calibration

Achieve compliance, cost savings, and quality with regular tool calibration from S+J Carolina Scale. Calibration is an i...

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Scale Sale and Installation

For clients with a more permanent need, S+J Scales offers a wide variety of weighing equipment from multiple manufacture...

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Our Technicians

S+J Carolina Scale technicians are experts in their respective fields. Training under the pass owners built a solid foundation enhanced by factory training at a variety of suppliers, continuing education in electrical and machining disciplines, and collective partnerships with our automation and engineering sister companies has produced a team of technicians with over 40+ years of combined experience.

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S+J Carolina Scale Company is accredited in the field of calibration by PJLA in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025:2017. This standard of service and technical competence will be maintained at the highest possible level and will be supported by all necessary company resources and personnel. We are Accredited in Mass, Dimensional, Torque, Pressure, Force, and Thermo-dynamic.

Quality Commitment

40 years of History

Our team employs constant communication with our clients, a professional approach and maintains the highest quality of testing and calibration services. This commitment is extended to meeting all state and federal regulations and applicable international standards.

Safety Matters

Focus on safety

S+J Carolina Scale maintains a focus on Health and Safety by protecting its family of employees, protecting those employees of its clients, and minimizing risk for the organization and its wide range of clients. We are highly committed to operating in a safe manner and in compliance with our client’s policies.

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