Cambridge Model 660 Low Profile Floor Scales

Available is 2’x2’ up 6’x10’ with up to 20,000 lb capacity STANDARD FEATURES • 1 part in 5,000 accuracy. (NTEP) • 1 part in 10,000 accuracy. (Non-NTEP) • Structural tubular steel construction. • Anti-skid diamond plate deck. • Shock load protection. • 20 foot shielded indicator cable. • Four internally mounted, NTEP Certified-5000 Division Class III/III L, IP-67 water resistant rated, environmentally protected, load cells. • Compatible with digital indicators having remote base capabilities. • Eye bolt holes for easy setup and moving. • Low profile design for easy incline ramping. • 150% overload protection. • Four way ramp access.

OPTIONS • Smooth deck plate • Stainless steel hermetically sealed and/or "FM" approved load cells • Fork lift skid package • Attached indicator column • Remote junction box


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