A technician wearing an orange vest at work

Aggregate Processing

Quarries, mines, cement factories, process control and other aggregate processing industries need the correct equipment to efficiently operate on a day-to-day basis.  

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A man loading airport luggage onto a transport car


From ticketing counters to busy cargo facilities, the need for accurate and efficient weighing solutions in the aviation industry is crucial. Weighing equipment in the air travel and logistics in

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A chemical plant at dusk


The chemical processing industry requires durable equipment to withstand a variety of hostile and corrosive environments. From industrial acids, organic alcohols, pigments, catalysts, and compounds, e

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A closeup of a beer tap in a bar setting


The rise of craft brewing, distilling and the age-old winery industry in the Carolinas demands weighing equipment to keep the details of your operation accurate.

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Pink icing at a food processing facility

Food Processing

Efficiency and accuracy are key in the food production business, whether in the meat, poultry, or produce processing industries.

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Three healthcare professionals around a table with blue clipboards


Healthcare is perhaps one of the most critical industries where weighing equipment is involved, and the importance of this industry should be reflected in the equipment used.

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Two construction professionals discussing a project in a yard full of blue storage containers


In the busy day-to-day operations of a logistics and shipping department, efficiency is key in these material-handling environments.

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A technician wearing an orange vest at work


S+J Carolina Scale has the knowledge and experience necessary to meet all of your manufacturing weighing needs.

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A scrapyard full of destroyed cars


Weight is a key indicator of the types of materials that are passing through your scrapyard daily. Are you correctly weighing the materials coming in and out of your operation?

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Four green dumpsters lined up on a sunny day

Waste Management and Recycling

From waste inventory tracking, to sorting and disposal, accurate weighing systems plays an important role in the day-to-day functioning of waste management and recycling facilities across the country.

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