Weight is a key indicator of the types of materials that are passing through your scrapyard daily. Are you correctly weighing the materials coming in and out of your operation?

An accurate understanding of the materials that customers are bringing in, and the materials that are outbound from any scrapyard, is an essential part of the scrapyard and recycling industry. Strength and durability are key qualities in this industry that are just as important as accuracy, as this equipment will need to stand up against harsh environments for the long run. 

Depending on the size of your operation, you may require in and out truck scales with built in truck in/out programs, or you may need pit floor scales for receiving and shipping. No matter what your needs are, we at S+J Carolina Scale and offer top quality solutions, and keep your equipment calibrated throughout it's entire lifetime, which can be a long time if maintenance properly! Your operation may be moving rail cars of material and if so, we can offer full legal for trade rail scales or rail care axle weighers in addition to transducers for your loaders. Of course, all software for these units can be provided and customized to exactly fit your needs and specifications.