The rise of craft brewing, distilling and the age-old winery industry in the Carolinas demands weighing equipment to keep the details of your operation accurate.

When it comes to brewing and distilling, reliable and accurate weighing equipment is just as vital to the process as the materials themselves. Not only is it essential for the streamlining of your process to have reliable weighing equipment, but it is also necessary to remain within regulatory approval if you are selling bottled goods or kegs. This is just one of the many reasons to ensure that your scales are up to date and accurate. 

Whether it is weighing minute amounts of smaller ingredients, or large-scale equipment for bulk items, S+J Carolina Scale has you covered with the high capacity and high precision equipment necessary for all your needs. Our suppliers have a range of products from tank weighing cells to floor scales to everything in between to keep your operation in line. With help from Palmetto Precision Engineering, we can also provide automated line design and installation. No matter the size of your operation, S+J Carolina Scale can get you up and running and in budget, with equipment that can withstand your distilling environment while also providing reliable numbers time and time again.