Food Processing

Efficiency and accuracy are key in the food production business, whether in the meat, poultry, or produce processing industries.

Repackaging, portioning, baking, freezing or grain weighing requires a variety of different specialized equipment to get the job done properly, and accurate weighing is a critical step to every food manufacturing process. You can count on S+J Carolina Scale to understand just what types of equipment are necessary for your operation. 

No matter what the nature of your operation, to ensure quality control and get the most out of your manufacturing facilities, contact S+J Carolina Scales today to learn more about our equipment and calibration services. Our full line of check weighers and floor scales are designed for full wash down environments, and to withstand the everyday operations of Food Processing environments. For in motion weighing, we offer the Rice Lake moto weigh solution. Our goal is to optimize your process, while maintaining your quality.