From ticketing counters to busy cargo facilities, the need for accurate and efficient weighing solutions in the aviation industry is crucial. 

Weighing equipment in the air travel and logistics industry is of high importance because overweight bags can have a significant impact on both revenue and safety. Weighing equipment needs to be not only accurate but fast, because when checking queues are backed up it is much easier for overweight bags to go unnoticed to avoid delays.

In such a busy, fast paced environment, accurate and reliable equipment is essential. S+J Carolina offers a full line of forklift scales, heavy duty drive vehicle scales and dimensional systems. For the maintenance hangar, we offer full calibration service and agreement of all your tools to ensure all is in agreement. From your torque wrenches, pressure gages, tensionometers, multimeters, and of course your scale tolerance, we understand the details of your industry and our experienced team can provide the service you need. 

All of our top-notch offered baggage scales are legal for trade, enabling your operation to capture all necessary revenue in a timely manner. Don’t settle for just any equipment, invest in the best to ensure that your terminal is not losing money or compromising safety. Contact us today to learn more about our rugged, durable equipment that is suited especially for the aviation industry.