How the Rice Lake 1280 Indicator can help you

An S+J customer had a problem with the tolerances on their goods as well as accurate counts on the pallet. With the help of a Rice Lake 1280 Indicator and a custom base from InScale, S+J engineered the solution. This custom rig is a check weigher and a counting scale all in one. The customer’s operator lays the finished product on the cart sitting atop the in floor scale. The indicator check weighs the item to insure it is within tolerance and then alerts the operator through a buzzer and green light. The indicator counts the items until it reaches the desired pallet count and the program starts over. This custom program is able to handle up to forty different items at the plant with adjustable tolerance levels for the check weigher. Customer is now able to provide accurate counts to their clients while at the same time reducing loss through accurate tolerance levels.

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